My name is Jose Carlos and I'm a portrait photographer in Southern Arizona. My family moved to Tucson from the west suburbs of Chicago, Illinois in the Summer of 2001.  It was a difficult transition for me to make because Tucson is the polar opposite to Chicago. As time passed I really grew to love the desert, the people and everything that makes Arizona unique and beautiful.

In my downtime I like to relax and listen to music that has thought provoking lyrics and powerful rhythms. I love interesting conversations with close friends, family and even people I've just met. I invite you to meet with me and chat over a cup of coffee! I also love the outdoors, hiking and camping with my folks. 

Since my first international trip in the Summer of 2017, my eyes were opened to how beautiful this planet really is. A great friend and I traveled to the Philippines and Thailand. We visited his family and explored the sights, the culture and indulged in the variety of delicious food. I had an amazing and humbling experience, definitely one for the books! I plan to travel much more in the coming years.

I discovered my passion for photography in early 2013, when I realized that I have always had a connection to the art. I remember buying disposable cameras as a kid. Drawing in a sketch pad and letting my imagination run wild. I also created cartoon scenes from scratch in the Paint program on Windows '95! I owned a point-and-shoot camera in my teenage years, and to this day challenge myself to take creative photos on my phone.

 I've come to love the art of portraiture, and have become obsessed with learning how to master light.

My journey has only just begun. It may be an arduous path, but it's an exciting and wonderful one. I welcome you to join me and be a part of my story. 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little more! Please, feel free to explore my portfolio. Let's connect and create some beautiful images!


I'll talk to you soon!

Jose C.